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This year is ITR's 45th Anniversary. To celebrate, throughout the year we will be posting photos from historical shows on our Facebook and Twitter feeds. We will also be posting anniversary greetings from long time ITR members and members of our audiences. If you have a greeting for ITR please don't hesitate to message us through our Facebook page or send us an e-mail to outreach@itrtheatre.com. Let's make this a memorable anniversary.


Waiting for the Parade

November 9th-18th 2018

by John Murrell
Director: Lorraine Hopkins
Asst. Director: Helen Visbach

Waiting for the Parade is a series of vignettes about five Calgary women on the home front in the Second World War based on interviews John Murrell did with women who had experienced the era first hand. It's a window on a time gone by fraught with loneliness, propaganda, rationing and big changes to the role of women in society.

Catherine's husband is overseas; Margaret has one son overseas and one who joins the communist party; Janet's husband avoids active service by working for CBC radio; Eve, a teacher, tries to keep her students from enlisting; and Marta is a German immigrant whose father is interned as a spy. These women respond very differently to their circumstances during WW II, creating a wonderful portrait of life in Canada in the 40s.

The show will be performed at the Osgoode Community Centre on November 9 and 10 and 16 to 18, 2018.

Tickets are on sale NOW!


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