A COVID-19 Statement from ITR Theatre Company

As we move toward a fall show, please be reassured that the safety of ITR audiences and volunteers is of primary importance. ITR is committed to following the recommendation of Ottawa Public Health and the City of Ottawa in all our activities.

Thank you to everyone - our patrons, audiences, sponsors and volunteers - for your understanding and patience.


Community Theatre for Ottawa South

ITR is a rural theatre company dedicated to providing people in the former Osgoode and Rideau Townships and surrounding areas with an opportunity to indulge their interests in amateur theatre. Our main activities are geared towards a spring and fall production of 2 and 3 act plays, that are usually comedy, farce or melodrama. From time to time, we also do additional shorter productions at various locations throughout the community. We welcome anyone and everyone who shares our love of theatre, no matter what your interest or level of past experience. To find out more about the ITR Theatre group - it's activities, history, and newsletter - check out the About ITR. If you are interested in auditioning for future plays, working behind the scenes or providing support in any way, check out our Auditions Page and our Volunteers Page.


Become an ITR Member

Community Theatre is all about both the community it serves and the community/the family it builds. We are looking for members and we hope you will consider joining our family.

By becoming a member, you will have the opportunity to help set ITR’s future directions. As a member, you can attend our Annual General meeting and vote on changes to the ITR Constitution as well as electing the Board will that put these changes into effect. There will also be General Membership Meetings, one in the spring and one in late fall, as a way of celebrating ITR and its supporters. While we will be discussing ITR and how to move forward, these meetings will also be a wonderful social opportunity to connect with others who share an interest in theatre.

Members can also get involved in ITR activities both ongoing and during productions. On the membership form [link] you will find many volunteer opportunities that might be of interest to you.

The membership fee is $10 for the year. To join, fill out the membership form and pay your fee online. Alternatively, you can print the membership form and send it along with a cheque for $10 to ITR Theatre Company, P.O. Box 645, Osgoode ON, K0A 2W0. If you are an ITR patron, you are already a member. You don't need to reapply.


Self Help, by Norm Foster

Self Help has tentatively been rescheduled for November 2020.

Cindy and Hal Savage (former second-rate actors) have built an empire peddling questionable advice about love, sex, romance, and success. With nowhere to go but down, the ambitious couple will go to any lengths to protect their fame, fortune, and reputation. But now there's a stiff in the study, a reporter looking for dirt in the hall and a maid with Irish attitude cooking up pots of creamed corn in the kitchen. What's a pair of flawed self-help gurus to do?

More details to come.


Suburban Standoff, by Michael Grant

Suburban Standoff is tentatively scheduled for Spring 2021

Ty, down on his luck, attempts a home invasion with the help of his ex-stripper girlfriend, Candy, in hopes of some quick cash. However, they may have picked the wrong home. The home owners, Hank and Nancy, seem to know more about guns and violence than they do. Who's really in control of this crazy evening? Are Ty and Candy really bad people? Only time will tell. (/i>

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Our new YouTube channel is up and running. View video clips of some of our past productions as well as current rehearsals! here.

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